some training and a■ suitable position was in view.... She will ●not write to her aunt because ... t■he aunt said she did not know a■ny such girl. Will not write to ■her father because she does not

wan■t him to know anything about the ma■tter. She had heard that we sometimes ●send girls back to their own country, and ●she would be glad to go

except that● she would have to make some excuse to her fat●her for being sent back. When● I asked her if she would tel

l him the t■ruth she said: “Tell him that I was ■sent home for stealing a pair of stockings?” It● seems to strike her as quite ridi■culous

  • . 174[The following letters (except the l●ast) were written by Esther to her friend ■Lilian and show her general attitudes. The let■ters were written mainly in Boh●emian during the seve

  • Thompson Howard, Atech Ltd.

    n months she was o■n parole, and were translated for th■e institution by a Bohemian woman w●hose rendering is similar to t●he few letters written in English by Esther.● I ha

  • John Howard, Atech Ltd.

    ve adapted the translations only slight■ly. About half the letters are printed h●ere.] October 1, 1914. My dearest Friend: I ■received your letter with which I was very happy●. I am g


lad to hear that you have

a nice ●place. Dear friend, I apologize not● to answer you right away. I hav■e lots of work. I have two people an 鈥?#psd #template #webdesign #ui #ux

ake b■reakf

ast. I had eight to the table and ●I was the 9th one,

351 - 675 - 0730

so you can immag●ine what work I had. So then I had to wash d●ishes, then wash diapers for the baby. I● got to clean two ducks a

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